New Pic

Here’s a new pic of my eyes, I can see at last a slight change in the color. It is definitely a little lighter an the rings are looking greener. I’m going to use my drops differently from now on.

MSM drops: 3 days, Honey Chamomile and Lime drops: 3 days and I’m going to give my eyes a rest on Sundays and see how that goes.

Left Eye:

Right eye:

Talk to you soon!!


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1 month of treatment and no progress

I decided to take a picture of my eyes today and I’m a little bit disappointed to see that after one month of MSN nothing has changed . Nonetheless I’m going to carry on until I see some real results. I’m going to increase my honey and chamomile drops for a couple more weeks and if no results occur I will switch to AA and stick to it.

Here’s the pic I took today:

Determination is the key!!

Talk to you soon!! Hugs!!


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1 week has gone by and ….


Well one week has gone by and the progress are very encouraging. I can see some changes already and I haven’t even started my MSM drops yet.

Here’s a pic that I took last Saturday, exactly 7 days after starting the treatment: The top pic is the one from last week and the bottom one is the one taken 2 days ago.

See you soon for my next update!



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Oh and I also forgot a little something

Here’s  a picture of my right eye taken 2 days ago! I’m going to try and post pics every week to show you guys my progress, otherwise what’s the point in writing a blog right? lol!!

Hopefully the blood vessels will be gone soon!! Stupid contact lenses !!

Talk to you soon guys!


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And so the journey begins !!

Hey y’all!!

Like many of you I have brown eyes and I hate them. I have been wearing blue contact lenses for many years and as a result of that my cornea has been damaged. I try to wear my lenses less than I used to but what can one do when one has to work long hours every day. As an actress/singer I just can’t do that!

Now some people will say that it is not possible to change your eye color naturally but actually it isn’t true. I know some people who have changed their eye color progressively, naturally and safely over a period of 1 to 3 years. I guess what I’m going to try to do that too.

I actually had really light blue eyes until I was about 13 months old and they progressively changed to brown after that. Even though I might not be able to get that blue color back I would be happy with a nice shade of green.

I am of course not willing to put anything dangerous in my eyes as some people would do but nature has offered us many miraculous products around us, so why not use them.

Chamomile is well known for its soothing properties and I remember that my grandma used to wash her eyes with Chamomile tea to soothe them when they were too tired and sore.

I’ve also been doing a lot of research and have also learned that honey have been used to cure eye diseases for centuries, from curing pink eye to curing cataract. Honey has antiseptic properties and can also relieved your eyes from allergies. I don’t know about you but allergies are driving me nuts this year…atchew!

It is also known that Honey and Chamomile have lightening properties so my plan is to use Chamomile and Honey Eyes drops to first of all soothe my eyes and also see if my iris lightens.

I have also read a lot of good things about MSM eye drops. I have been taken MSM tablets to help my IBS but I didn’t know that when you used it as eye drops it could actually prove to be wonderful to the eyes like curing cataract, preventing glaucoma, getting rid of red spots and bloods vessels and repair the cornea.

I decided to write this blog as I am experimenting this so if it does help me I hope that it will eventually helps others too.

Let’s Rock n’ Roll!!

’til next time




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